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Twas a Winters day in 2022-A Guest Blog

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

If ever there was a story that sums up 2022 so far, both the frustrations and absurdity of living in these times, AND the resilience that comes from knowing that while we can’t control much, we can access movement as self care literally anywhere, this is IT.

Cathy and her husband Jim (both Core Members of Requisite Pilates) shared this wintery saga with their friends and family, and gave me permission to share it with you (with some of the personal details edited out) Here ya go!

Hi everybody,

I just received this from Ivy (below) … and if any of you are interested, it explains her new program way better than I did!

Sunday morning we decided to get on the road and try to “beat the storm” … PS bad decision …. We had to drive about 40 mph as the roads were covered in icy snow and it was getting snowier by the minute on the highway … then about an hour away, a car in front of us spun out of control and hit our car twice … WE ARE ALL OK!!! (The other car person, too)…But, our car was not drivable … so the state trooper called a tow company who said that we could not ride in the cab because we were too many to fit, but that we should stay INSIDE the car and he would tow us ON TOP of his tow truck … and that his goal was to "get you off this highway" … it was TERRIFYING … especially curving down the off ramp ON TOP of a tow truck! (And I’m not even sure this was legal!!)

We made it to the little town. However, not one of the 4 hotels had a room … because they were all booked by emergency companies for the workers. So we finally just picked one and sat in the lobby looking pitiful. Finally, the manager must have felt so sorry for us, that he called the higher-up manager and they released two rooms. I might have snubbed my nose at this hotel in my previous life, but after all this, it felt like the Four Seasons!!

And here is the reason I am writing this on the Ivy Pilates email …. While we waited in the hotel, after eating our “gas station banquet” and confused as to how we were ever gonna get out of this little town now without a car … and still in a bit of shock from the scary accident … we decided to just pull up one of Ivy’s classes, (the link just sits in our Favorites bar on the iPad … and we took a Restorative class … and it was the best thing we could have ever done….

This is it. This is why I do what I do. How many of us would’ve turned to something not so healthy in that moment? (Not gonna lie, I’d think about clearing out all of the Ben and Jerry’s from the gas station near the hotel). Instead they trusted me to take them through some restorative movement was exactly what they needed. It’s no small thing to build that kind of trust, and I don’t take it lightly. This is why I feel so passionate about offering an unlimited library of classes. In those moments of overwhelm (and I imagine this journey felt pretty dang overwhelming) You know that you can access the support you need, anytime and anywhere (even in a funky hotel room) and it will help just enough to get you through.

PS:They made it home, safe and sound.

PPS: This initial round of Core Membership Registration at the lower price is closing on January 31 and I’m keeping it small so that I can continue to create classes, and movement flows that are tailored to your specific needs.

If your curiosity is sparked let’s set up a time to talk, reach out here.

Ready to commit? Become part of our foundational group of Core Members here.

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