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Pilates For Everybody: Towards a More Inclusive and Accessible Pilates Industry

When The Pilates Journal reached out and asked me to write an article for instructors, with solutions for shifting our historically elitist industry, I jumped at the chance. Pilates is a movement modality that can be so beneficial for so many,

Ivy Baron Teaching Knee Stretch to Este on the Reformer

but unfortunately even the most well meaning instructors don't always know how to meet each person as they are, and adjust their practice to create a safe, inclusive space. An industry journal asking for steps for inclusion, and insight on how the Pilates culture can change for the better is a big deal, and i'm excited to be part of the discussion.

I'll be offering a deeper dive, for Pilates Instructors, into the strategies in the article through my Pilates Reframe Course. We'll be exploring supportive movement for a variety of bodies, communication for learning differences, trauma awareness, unpacking our biases around diverse body types and more. If you're curious you can join the waitlist here and I'll keep you updated!!

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