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Is Pilates Right for Me?

The short answer is YES…but it’s not one size fits all.  If we approach movement from a personalized place, meet you exactly where you are, tailor to fit your goals, then you WILL be successful.  At the end of the day you know your body better than anyone else, and we can help you walk into any situation knowing exactly what your body needs to move freely and with the greatest sense of connection.  

Ivy has had experience working with: People with chronic conditions such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and fibromyalgia, breast cancer survivors, those recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury, professional athletes, women and men with pelvic floor dysfunction, weight lifters, pregnant and post part women, teenagers and people in their 90’s, knee replacements and hip replacements and all kinds of post surgery (oh my!), and people who simply want to get stronger or play on the floor with their kids or grand-kids. 

She is, above all else, dedicated to serving people who don’t always feel they “fit” in traditional gym or studio settings.  Whatever your gender identity, race, body shape, ability etc.. you deserve to connect to movement in an inclusive, body positive setting.

What in the world is Pilates?

The oxford dictionary describes Pilates as “as system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.”  Joseph Pilates created (what he called Contrology) as a way for people he worked with to “Return to Life”, to remember (on a cellular level) the vitality of youth.  At Requisite Pilates we look at the body though a lens of biotensegrity, how connective tissue (fascia) seeks balance between compression and tension to find lift.   Your body is whole, it isn’t pieces are parts, it just needs a reminder how to find it’s way ‘home’.  Pilates is a powerful vehicle that can help us remember how our bodies are meant to move.

Do I need equipment for online classes?

Nope.  We’ll work with what you have at home.  A mat is helpful, but not necessary.  Sometimes I’ll even ask you to bring the camera into your home workspace or kitchen so we can use your environment to develop routines.  If you have pilates balls, magic circles, weights and bands or even a reformer we can incorporate what you’ve got!  

What’s my first step?

A good Pilates session begins with a trusting relationship between teacher and client.  We start with a free 30 minute conversation to establish if we’re a good fit for one another.  We’ll discuss goals and your body’s history (and anything else you’d like to share).  We’ll create a collaborative map of what our sessions might look like over time. Some of us want to get stronger, some to be free of pain, while others simply want a deeper connection to self.  All goals are valid because they are uniquely yours!!

Fully equipped home studio is located in East Austin, TX. Contact Ivy for directions and details. 

Prices for online and in person private sessions are in Plans & Pricing

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