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"There is a Crack in Everything, that's how the light gets in."-Leonard Cohen

This mother's day I wanted Roller Skates. When I lived in San Francisco in the 90's my favorite thing to do was to watch the skate dancers in Golden Gate park when they closed it off to cars every Sunday. I ordered a pair of coral skates, with light pink wheels and blue toe stoppers. They arrived on Thursday. They are as beautiful as I imagined and those middle school years in the skate rink came back to me (in the house at least, outside I was like a baby deer). I vowed to skate every day, so that when I'm 50, in 2.5 years, I would be a boogie down queen.

Friday between clients I put em on for a little roll around the house. I was literally STANDING STILL and I went down. I rolled OVER my left skate and heard a pop-pop-pop. I figured I sprained my ankle, but long story (and a few VERY expensive x-rays) later, turns out I fractured my fibula and may have a detached tendon. Wheee!!!

"So, there's the crack, but where is the light?" You ask. Well, I'll tell ya.

My immediate thought wasn't "woe is me,my skating career is ruined" (please don't get me wrong, I definitely allowed for some good old self pity!) What I thought instead was, this is temporary, I'll be able to rehab my ankle, I know my body, I'll know what to do AND this experience will make me a better teacher. This will slow me down, for sure, but that might not be a bad thing. I'll be forced to listen a bit more deeply, carefully to what my body needs vs what my ego wants for it. This is my intention for every BODY that works with me, and now I have an opportunity to model it in real time.

For the next 6-10 weeks in our sessions and classes, I'll be doing way more verbal cueing and less demonstrating as discomfort and a bulky boot allows. I appreciate your patience as we figure it all out together. I'm planning on documenting my journey back to walking (yes, and skating!!) on my instagram @requisitepilates if you'd like to follow my progress and get some tools for supporting your whole body's movement through injury.


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