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8 Reasons to Practice Pilates that have Nothing to do With Your Appearance

Do you know why I named my studio Requisite Pilates? It came from this quote by the man himself, Joseph Hubertus Pilates.

My interpretation may be different than what he intended at the time. I think our bodies are meant to move, and what moves you is unique to YOU. Our bodies store all of the gunk, stress, tension, trauma etc… If we’re not releasing it through movement, even if it’s a simple breath practice, we’re holding on. Hold on to too much and there is no room for Joy.

Notice there’s nothing in the quote about having a “Beach Bod”. If you’re working out because you want your body to look a certain way, that’s cool. Honestly, I get it. I did that for many many years, but priorities change and knowledge is power. The fitness industry wants us to feel insecure and focused on an unattainable, socially constructed (racist, homophobic and mysoginistic) beauty standard because that’s how it stays in business. It doesn’t serve our humanity and it DEFINITELY doesn’t contribute to our Happiness, quite the opposite.

Don’t get me wrong. Pilates, or any other movement modality, is not the hot holy answer to the stuff we’re carrying around. However, It can be a big piece of the puzzle to create space for radical joy, when life overwhelms.

Consider for a moment, that there are other reasons to work out, other reasons to move that have nothing to do with appearance. What would that feel like for you?

And we’ve come to the list. 8 Reasons to Practice Pilates (or whatever lights you up) that have Nothing to do With appearance.

  1. Because it FEELS yummy.

  2. Because it releases Endorphins—the happiness hormone.

  3. Because it helps co-regulate your nervous system.

  4. Because it allows you to witness and accept your tension patterns, and create the potential for changing them.

  5. Because it challenges our Brain Body Connection.

  6. Because it is a chance to practice mindfulness, ie.. movement as meditation.

  7. Because it allows you to move through the world, do the other things you love, with more EASE.

And most importantly…

8. Because it’s FUN.

Do you want to transition away from judgement and into curiosity, and find a place where you WANT to move rather than feel you HAVE to? If the answer is yes, I’d love to have you join our Core Membership. Click here to join the waitlist!

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