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Pilates without judgement, for EVERYbody.

Bringing body mind wellness together, Requisite Pilates is dedicated to helping you move better, every day, through personalized Pilates instruction. At Requisite Pilates, we believe that movement should be accessible  joyful and restorative for EVERY body- AND that exercise should fit you and NOT the other way around!  This is why we tailor a unique program to each individual's unique body needs. With a home studio located on the East Side of Austin and virtual classes available worldwide, we aim to create a safe and inclusive space of exploration for all. Join us and discover a stronger, connected body and mind.

  • Queer/Trans LGBTQ+ Affirming 

  • Body Neutral and Fat Friendly

  • Trauma informed

  • Dedicated to building an accessible practice for ALL

  • Pay What You can Afford sliding scale for group classes/packages

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Ivy found Pilates in her early 30s and it forever changed her path. She knew that she wanted a career where she could help people but wasn’t clear what that would look like. A Master’s in Social Work seemed like a well-rounded road to help, and the central tenet of meeting clients where they are and building a relationship from there, deeply resonated. In her second year of grad school, she attended her first Pilates Class and it was as though someone had turned on the lights! Ivy finished her MSW and immediately pursued her Core Dynamics Pilates certification and has been fortunate enough to practice what she loves ever since. 

It wasn’t simply that Pilates helped her feel stronger or more flexible (which it did!) but it also gave her a sense of empowerment and playfulness, both in her body AND in all aspects of life. The interwoven nature of mind and body was immediately clear in how her movement patterns changed, and how she helped move her clients. 

For Ivy, building core has never been about rock-hard abs or a bikini body (whatever that is!). Instead, it is about a way of being, of feeling connected to the whole body and feeling more centered in every facet of life.

Since 2005, Ivy has gained extensive experience working with People with chronic conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and fibromyalgia, scoliosis, breast cancer survivors, those recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury, professional athletes, people with pelvic floor issues, weight lifters, pregnant and post-partum people, peri and post-menopausal people, teenagers and people in their 90’s, knee replacements and hip replacements and all kinds of post-surgery rehab issues, and people who just want to move.
As her own body evolves, with age and parenthood, and the aches and pains (and joys) of living in this beautifully complicated world, so does Ivy’s style of teaching. She is always learning, and continues to connect more deeply with what her clients truly want: to have less pain, to move more freely, and to shift the tension patterns that no longer serve them. Ivy is committed to helping ALL of her clients feel safe at home in their own unique and incredible bodies! 


Austin, TX


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